Your Host

In 2020, Covid hit the United States and for a time many of us were paralyzed with fear, unable to go anywhere, due to government shutdowns and fears of catching the deadly virus. Your host, Deby, stayed home with the birds and the rabbit and decided to plant her covid garden. Having spent most every day in Yellowstone for the past 7 years, taking photos, watching wildlife and teaching photography workshops, deby quickly saw that life was changing and her garden gave her a reason to be outside during many days at home. When Deby finally decided to travel to the Tetons, after the national parks re-opened, she saw that it was possible to continue her wildlife photography while staying safe but learning how to do this in a smart way took a little trial and error. deby elected to stay to herself, wear a mask when around others, even outside (this took awhile to sink in and realize that people would get too close, no matter what) and always wear a mask inside. Hand sanitizer became a constant companion. When she began looking at places to stay, Deby preferred inexpensive, a separate entrance, no cleaning during stay policy, and managers who took cleanliness and safety seriously. She also insisted on staying in places with a refrigerator, microwave and small kitchen area, so she would not have to go out to eat in restaurants. A stay in a fancy hotel, where quests lined the lobby and hallways, rode the elevator without masks, and management did not enforce the mask ordinance, confirmed that a separate entrance was the way to go.

So, when Deby was given an opportunity to rent a cute little house on the property she lived on, and turn it into a vacation rental, she saw the opportunity to create a safe place for visitors to Gardiner’s north entrance and Yellowstone. A new covid project was born and throughout the entire process, Deby kept your comfort and safety as her number one priorities. She wants you to feel safe from coronavirus, or other illnesses when you visit Yellowstone.

About six weeks later, Deby’s little rental house, Yellowstone’s Wolf Den, is rented almost every night, at competitive prices with strict cleaning policies. The wolf den is comfortable, quiet, has some of her wildlife and landscape images on the wall and some custom masks for sale, and all you need for a short or long stay in Gardiner. You will wake each morning to the sound of birds and when you look out the kitchen window, there is a good chance you will see Mama Bunny. Life is good and so far all guests have been very happy.

Check out the Wolf Den and contact Deby if you have any questions. Deby is in the process of working on a second bed solution for friends traveling together, so stay tuned.